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Leadership Development Carnival – January 2014

Welcome to the January 6, 2014 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! One of the best ways to improve as a leader is to reflect upon your past experiences, catalog the lessons learned, and apply that information to your future … Continue reading

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6 Conversations Every Leader Needs To Have

Between email, text message, instant messaging, and social media, it’s never been easier to communicate with each other, yet the quality of our interactions seems to have become brief, fragmented, and altogether unfulfilling. That’s a big problem for leaders and … Continue reading

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Most People Don’t Under-Perform, They’re Under-Led – 5 Ways Leaders Sabotage Performance

Not too many people get out of bed in the morning, head in to work, and say to themselves “I’m really looking forward to screwing up today!” Sure, there are always a few bad apples with horrible attitudes that seem … Continue reading

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Two Things Your Boss Should Never Have to Talk to You About

A few weeks ago I was watching my son compete at a high school track meet when I ran into Tyler, a young man whom I had the pleasure of coaching in baseball a few years back. Tyler was there … Continue reading

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March Madness! Duke’s Coach K on Leading With Trust

I love March Madness! The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is one of the most exciting events in sports, offering crazy upsets, game winning shots, and athletic drama unlike any other sporting event. Duke’s coach Mike Krzyzewski knows a thing or two … Continue reading

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