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Your People Are Keeping Score – Six Tips to Help Leaders Play Fair

Coaching a bunch of energetic 5-6 year old kids in tee-ball is really just controlled chaos. Tee-ball is normally the introduction to baseball that children experience at age 5-6, and generally speaking, most leagues don’t keep an official score for … Continue reading

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Three Questions That Could Save Your Career

The question is not if you will ever face an ethical dilemma, the question is when. Ethical dilemmas come in all shapes and sizes and you will inevitably be faced with a situation where you find yourself at a crossroads. Do … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Your Ego “Bust” Trust

Don’t kid yourself – you’ve got an ego and sometimes it gets out of control. You may not act like a pompous jerk in public, but if you’re human (and if you’re reading this then there’s a good chance you … Continue reading

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Managing the Malcontent – Four Leadership Tips

Malcontent Part of speech:  adjective Definition:  dissatisfied Synonyms:  belly aching, complaining, discontented, disgruntled, unhappy, unsatisfied Managing a chronically malcontent staff member can be an exhausting experience for a leader. No matter what you do to address the situation, there always … Continue reading

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Are Your People Ready to Stage an “Occupy” Protest? Four Ways to Build a High-Trust Culture

If given the chance, would the people in your organization stage an “Occupy” protest? Do they have feelings of inequity, spawned by the perception that the top 1% in your organization receive a disproportionate amount of the rewards at the … Continue reading

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