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“Get Lost in the Game” – 6 Ways to Perform Your Best

“I told him to get lost in the game.” That was Kentucky coach John Calipari’s advice to one of his star players, Julius Randle, during half-time of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game this past Monday night. Coming into the … Continue reading

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Forget Accountability – Follow These 5 Steps Instead

I don’t like the word accountability. It’s always rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. I think it’s because it assumes the worst about people. When we talk about accountability, it always seems the assumption is a person is incapable … Continue reading

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Three Leadership Lessons From Comic-Con

This weekend was the annual Comic-Con event that’s held every summer here in San Diego. Nearly a 130,000 people visit the convention that celebrates a variety of comic arts and pop culture elements like animation, horror, science fiction, television, and … Continue reading

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Build Trust Today or Lose Talent Tomorrow – 3 Tips to Keep Your Top People

If you ask organizational leaders to name their top five challenges, there’s a good chance that retaining key talent will be on the list. Every person and role in your organization is important, but there are mission critical jobs and … Continue reading

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Three Critical Skills for Managing the Overextended Workforce

“Doing more with less.” I cringe whenever I hear that phrase because it feels so punitive and unsupportive, and if you’re a leader, I suggest you completely eliminate that phrase from your vocabulary. Whenever you utter those words to your team, your people feel like … Continue reading

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