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Nine Warning Signs An Employee Needs To Be Let Go

“I’m sorry, we need to let you go.” Oomph! Those words feel like a punch to the gut of the employee on the receiving end, and for the leader delivering the bad news, those words create anxiety and many sleepless … Continue reading

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Managing the Malcontent – Four Leadership Tips

Malcontent Part of speech:  adjective Definition:  dissatisfied Synonyms:  belly aching, complaining, discontented, disgruntled, unhappy, unsatisfied Managing a chronically malcontent staff member can be an exhausting experience for a leader. No matter what you do to address the situation, there always … Continue reading

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Your Personality Is Not An Excuse For Bad Behavior

One of my pet peeves is people who use their personality as an excuse for their behavior. “I can’t help it, that’s just who I am” is the phrase that’s often uttered to rationalize or justify an action, position, or attitude. In some … Continue reading

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