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Trust Works Book CoverTrust Works! Four Keys to Building Lasting Relationships

New York Times bestselling author and leadership expert Ken Blanchard’s popular TrustWorks! training program is now available in book form!

Trust Works!: Four Keys to Building Lasting Relationships is an insightful guide designed to help people navigate one of the most complex issues that affects all areas of our lives: trust.

In Trust Works!, Ken Blanchard, Cynthia Olmstead, and Martha Lawrence demonstrate how to get along better with those around us.

In today’s polarized society, building trust—and sustaining it—has never been more important or seemingly elusive. Trust Works! provides a common language and essential skills that can replace dissension with peace and cooperation and help us all work together productively and in harmony.

Learn how the apply the “ABCD trust” model to address the factors that lead to discord, including low morale, miscommunication, poor response to problems and issues, and dysfunctional leadership.

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