Summer of Trust Series – Restoring Lost Trust

Free 5-Week Series on Restoring Lost Trust

A myth about trust is that it takes a long time to build and just a second to break. That can be true in the most egregious cases, but generally speaking, trust is gradually eroded over time by repeated violations.

Just as a hillside abruptly collapses after a long period of erosion, so trust is suddenly lost when a relationship suffers too many transgressions of trust. The good news is that trust is incredibly resilient and can be restored if both parties are committed to the process.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join me for the five-week Summer of Trust series—Restoring Lost Trust.

Every Tuesday in the month of August, you will receive an email with insights and resources to help you restore trust that has been damaged or lost. I’ll address such topics as…

  • The warning signs of low trust
  • How to discuss “trust issues” in a relationship
  • A process for restoring lost trust
  • Healing from lost trust and learning to trust again

The five-week series will culminate with an exclusive, live webinar on Thursday, August 31st, open to all members of the Blanchard Community. The community is free to join and everyone is welcome!

I hope you’ll join me. I’m confident the Summer of Trust series will provide you with knowledge and resources that will help you restore trust in your relationships and make this a summer to remember.

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