Do You See Me? A conversation among friends about bridging the racial divide

Who do you see when you look at a black person? Do you see a husband, father, wife, mother, son, or daughter? Do you see a businessman, tradesman, doctor, lawyer, scientist, soldier, or educator? Do you see someone with hopes, dreams, ambitions, fears, and insecurities? Do you see a person who is very much like you?

Unfortunately, whether we realize it or not, many of us don’t see those things. We see different. We see a threat. We see contempt. We see distrust. We see suspicion. We see fear. We see “less than.”

That needs to stop. If we are ever going to bridge the racial divide that separates us, we need to start trusting each other. The only way for trust to begin is for someone to take the risk of extending trust to another. It’s through that act of vulnerability that intimacy can develop and trust can flourish.

A few days ago I held a conversation with four of my friends, all African-American men, to learn more about their personal experience with racism. The discussion was rich, educational, humbling, and impactful. I encourage you to watch, listen, and reflect on what you can do to keep this conversation alive in your own sphere of influence.

6 Comments on “Do You See Me? A conversation among friends about bridging the racial divide

  1. Thank you Randy! This was very enlightening and being the same age as your friends, much of their discussion fit my experiences as a white man too. Very powerful and much needed at this critical time in our nation.

  2. Hi Randy,
    Thanks for putting together and sharing the video conversation between you and 4 of your friends. I loved hearing the stories and appreciated learning the creative definition of intimacy (in to me see). Many of us are struggling with what we can do to heal the racial divide. I appreciate your focus on building trust. Thank you.
    –Margy, Moving Messages

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